What is Aqualise?

Aqualise is an artist whose mission is to spread ocean awareness through music. BLUE is the substance...(read more)

Aqualise: Chill Out Synthwave

Aqualise: Music inspired by the Oceans, Chill Out Synthwave, ambient, downtempo & deep house.

Sponsor: RØDE Microphones

For all of the Aqualise vocal recording, we are delighted to be using RØDE Microphones on this this project.

Free Music 4 NGOs

Aqualise is happy to support NGOs, non-profit organisations, non-profit filmmakers, students, or school programmes in need of free music for their campaigns, PSAs, independent films, non-profit films & videos.

My music is also a tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau who inspired me to learn more about the aquatic environment and to love the ocean and its richness.

Video: Sea is Live

Life was originated in the oceans and from the oceans it draws its sustenance. The sea has always been rich with life, however this might not remain true for much longer...It needs our help now ! We must put a stop to its destruction !We must engage a battle in its defense or this wonderful universe and consequently life itself will be lost...The Ocean needs our help ! This video is a collection of underwater images that should remind us of the beauty of the marine life...It's a collaboration between Nicolas Bulostin (Aqualise) and Nino Del Duca (Sharkman Video Productions).

Sea is Life

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